What is it

what is it

Good question...
After the international success of inmersive shows, the group lesgo embarks in this true madness……and after the Hole saga that is a lot to say


Tacones Manoli "immersive gastro experience", is an accent show Flamenco with the house of Bernarda Alba as a guiding thread to guide you along three floors where you will live a 100% immersive experience; that means you will be part of the work itself and you can choose the experience you want to live.

Also, and this is super important,
Tacones Manoli is such a clandestine show that, if you have already come to see us, do not do spoilers and help us that those who come, they can enjoy an experience as intense as yours.


What does Flamenco have?

Tacones Manoli is a flamenco show of first level and its Spanish guitar will accompany you throughout the work. We have singers and dancers of national prestige and fame international. Tacones Manoli is pure flamenco (flamenco with a twist), but a flamenco like you have never seen before.


Throughout the show you will find several dishes and drinks typical of Spanish cuisine: paellas, croquettes, empanadillas, sausage, cheeses, sangria and wine will be at your disposal in different rooms of the house. Serve to your liking, but never lose sight of what is happening around you.



Hi, I'm Felipe de Lima, Artistic Director of Tacones Manoli and I would like to give you some tips to enjoy the show even more:

Follow the directions that Manoli gives you when you arrive: use the mask to hide your identity and the tarot card to start your experience. Although Manoli and fate will assign you a group at the beginning, you are then free to choose the experience you want to live: tour the building without a pre-established order, follow the artists, eat and drink as much as you want, but do not try to see everything since it is impossible.. Whilst you enjoy a specific number, another 15 shows will be happening simultaneously in different rooms, as each room hosts different numbers as the show progresses. So follow your instinct and let yourself go. Whatever you decide to do at each moment, it will be a personal experience.. During the two hours you are with us we will play with the 5 senses, so it is normal for you to get excited.

Ah! Another tip ... don't try to see the whole show, it's impossible.. You,as a spectator, will only see 15% of the show, I have designed it so that none of those present will live the same experience as you. While you enjoy a specific number, another 15 will be happening simultaneously in different rooms, and each room hosts different numbers as the show progresses. So, again, I advise you to follow your intuition and flow with the experience. That is the best way to see the show.



Before coming to Tacones Manoli, you should know that this show is inspired by La Casa de Bernarda Alba,a masterpiece of 20th century Spanish literature written by Federico García Lorca. Here is a brief synopsis in case you are not familiar with their argument. Surely it helps you to understand what you are going to see:

When her second husband dies, Bernarda Alba is recluded at home with her 5 daughters; prohibiting them from leaving and imposing a rigorous and suffocating mourning of 8 years. When Angustias (the firstborn and only daughter from her first husband) inherits a fortune, she attracts a suitor, Pepe Romano. The young man (represented by the horse) is engaged to her, but falls in love with Adela, the younger sister, who soon becomes his lover. Bernarda learns about the relationship between her daughter Adela and Pepe. After Pepe's violent death, Adela decides to end her own life.

Although La Casa de Bernarda Alba was written in 1936 by Lorca before he was executed, it could not be published or released until 1945 when it was played in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It covers topics such as envy, religious fanaticism, appearances, hatred and hierarchical power, money, lust, what is said and what is not, oppression, the struggle for freedom and women´s role in society. In short, a perfect environment to unleash the universe of Tacones Manoli.


Federico García Lorca is one of the greatest poets, dramatists and prose writers of Spanish literature. A contemporary and friend of Salvador Dalí. He is considered the poet of greatest influence and 20th century popularity. As a playwright he is considered one of the tops of the Spanish theater of that same century. He was murdered a month after the coup with which the start of The spanish civil war. Despite his young age, his legacy is quite extensive and among his works is “La Casa de Bernarda Alba ”title in which Tacones Manoli is set.